Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom Festival at the Dome

Every year to celebrate the 4th of July our church does a celebration.    It is kind of like a church picnic but lower key.    They set up a water slide, wading pools for the little ones, and our worship leader who is kind of a techno geek/gadget nerd constructed this wonderful water balloon station that keeps the kids entertained all day.  

 The older folks find a bit of shade and sit around talking and laughing while they watch the kids run around.  

This year we had a pie baking contest, and while they were all excellent, these were the winners in my opinion.    Now these don't necessarily co-inside with the judges results, but let them get their own blog.

The evening was topped off with a firework display, alas I don't have any photos of the fireworks, as my camera is way too lame to take good fireworks pictures.    Yet another reason to get a new better DSLR camera. (See that honey, that is what I want for my birthday/Christmas).   It was a very enjoyable day.

Happy Birthday America!  May God continue to bless us!

Never a Wasted Trip

We went fishing again, this time the only thing we caught was this poor leatherback.  

 He was hungry and small, and we were able to get the hook out without too much effort, but I told my husband if I caught him again, I was done fishing.    It made me want to cry.

The weather was wonderful and the breeze was blowing so not to hot.    Another great day in the sunshine.     Even though we didnt catch much, I never consider a day relaxing by the water as a wasted trip.  It always feeds the peace in my soul and makes me wear a smile for days.