Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in Tornado Alley

Last week I was in Kansas City, MO, helping out my son & DIL.  Stephanie had gallbladder surgery and I was able to fly out to help.   My visit consisted of a lot of cooking, cleaning, naptime, meal times, baths, and other wonderfully energy consuming activities with my grandchildren.   It was a lot of work while surrounded by so much love, my heart was bursting.  My newest grandchild is the lovely Eliyah, who I think I will call "Ellie".    She loves her momma the best, ( must have something to do with the breast milk) and vocalizes her preference loudly.   But here is a quiet moment with her daddy.

I was able to take the children on several outings while we were there.    I am posting a few of the pictures. For several of the kids, we still cannot post face shots to the web, as the adoption is not final, but I will add them in later.

I was also able to take several of the children to the interactive science museum.   They had a great time and it was an enjoyable trip with D, M, & N.   Science City is located with the famous (infamous) Union Station.   It was a great time and we spent several hours going through all of the exhibits.

I had a marvelous time and now need a vacation to recover from my visit.

Oh The Applique!

I was in Missouri last week taking care of my 6 (yes I said "six") grandchildren.  ( and that is only half of them).    I had the opportunity to take a few hours respite.   I drove to Eudora, KS to check out the LQS there called Quilting Bits and Pieces.     It was a lovely shop, and oh the applique.    They specialize in embroidery and applique.    The owners have written several books and the quilts on displays were so fabulous.   They have a great fabric collection, and lots of never seen before (by me that is) notions.   I had a great time.

I bought the book that has the patterns for these Christmas quilts.  Just gorgeous!

I will definitely visit this adorable shop again.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I love stitchery!!

Today my favorite thing is also one of my obsessions.    I am so obsessed with quilting and sewing gadgets, tools, and storage for my quilting stuff.    Because creating takes so much stuff, right?   I am always on the lookout for something that make my sewing easier.

Today is about my love of stitchery.    I love redwork, bluework and any other type of embroidery.   My favorite  thing today is my newly purchased, ( Maybe my husband will not read my blog today)  traveling embroidery satchel.    It is just beautiful.   I love the floral print outside.   I love the straps that allow me to hang it up or carry it.   I love that I can put the floss colors that I need in it and pockets for scissors, thimbles, needles and backgrounds.   It is great and I love it.

Thanks to Shay at "Quilting in My Pajamas" for this opportunity to link up.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

15 Minutes A Day

I have been using my timer 15 minutes at a time for many years, but until recently I didn't apply it to my quilting.   I use it to make myself fold clothes, clean the bathroom, clean off my "hot spots", almost any household chore I don't want to do.    My favorite phrase is " I can do anything for 15 minutes!" 

I always surprise myself at how much I can get done in 15 minutes.    If you are not familiar with "Flylady"  Marla Cilley, check out her website at     She is the one that taught me I can clean my home, and keep it clean, 15 minutes at a time.   Some people think of her website and system as cult like, but I know that it saved me from living in "CHAOS". (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

But I digress.  

I have decided to join up with Kate at "Life in Pieces" to keep on track with my projects by trying to get my quilting projects done, 15 minutes at a time.     I will keep track and give myself credit for getting at least 15 minutes a day completed on some quilty project.    It can be old, new, a WIP, a UFO or a PhD.  But it must involve  at least one of the following:  a needle and thread, a sewing machine, a rotary cutter, a design wall or some other facet of my quilty projects.   I am going to take a picture each time I am able to accomplish this, and share them on Tuesdays along with Kate and the others linking up on her blog.

I didn't start this commitment until Friday, June 10th, so I can only get 4 days in this week.   I am taking the 15 minute challenge.   I think "The Flylady" would approve.

Friday, June 10th
A log cabin block that I am making for next years opportunity quilt at my guild.

Saturday, June 11th
On Saturday I worked on my redwork Christmas stitchery project.

 I will try to concentrate on getting the other 7 pictures done.   I would like to have all of the pictures done by the end of July, but we we see.   Maybe 15 minutes at a time.

Sunday, June 12th
No sewing done

Monday, June 13th
No sewing done

Tuesday, June 14th
No sewing done

I have been trying to get my laundry done and my bags packed for my trip to Kansas City.   I am sure I will get a little done while I am there.   But my son and DIL have 6 kids and I am going to help out after my DIL has surgery.   So not a real vacation, but I am sure I will manage to visit at least one quilt shop.

Thanks Kate for setting up this linky party.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Grandmother's Garden

It is Friday again, and my favorite thing this week is the quilt I have on my bed.     It is a Grandmother's Flower Garden that was pieced by my grandmother and then quilted by my mother.    They are both gone, and have been for a number of years, but when I crawl under that quilt each night I feel close to them.  

It is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted.  It is king size, so it hangs to the floor on both sides of the bed, but I don't mind.    It is a treasure and one of my favorite things, along with my bedroom.    I have tried to make it a peaceful place.   I try very hard to keep it clean and keep the clutter out.    I want to feel good when I am there, sleeping or cuddling with my husband.    Making my bed each day is a habit that I will always struggle with, but having this beautiful quilt to go on my bed makes it easier.

If you want to share your favorite thing, just click on over to "Quilting in My Pajamas" and a big thank you to Shay for hosting our weekly link party.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Great Saturday!

Saturdays are always a good break from work, but some are better than others.    Yesterday ones one of those better days.  Several friends came over for a morning of sewing and laughter.   My friend Louise came over to quilt her 1st quilt, on the domestic quilting frame I have set up in my living room.

It is a beautiful quilt and she did a wonderful job.   

My Thursday night quilting group is working on a group donation quilt.    We are making a Quilt of Valor.    If you have never heard of this group it is a group that provides quilts to injured US service men & women.    You can read all about it here.   We decided on a pattern and then each of us brought fabrics from our stash.    The results turned out great.   Now to get it on the frame and get it quilted.  This is a terrible picture, but I didnt have anyone to hold it up outside.   I will try to post a better one later.

Several quilters in my guild will make and donate quilts to this worthy cause.     The big reveal will be this coming Thursday night.      I will try to take some pictures to post and share.

All in all it was a great Saturday morning.