Monday, March 28, 2011

My Latest Project!

I have spent no time quilting, or crocheting in the last several weeks.    I have been working on another project.  My youngest son, Kyle, got married this weekend.    All of the sewing I have done lately, was to hem pants, make sashes and bows for the flower girls, head bands, decorations, and the wedding list goes on and on and I was the mother of the groom.   At least I didn't have to plan the wedding reception.    All kidding aside.   It was a lovely day with a lovely couple and my wonderful grandchildren.   It was a good day.

I only cried twice.   The weather was perfect and the setting picturesque.   Congratulations Kyle & Amy!

Aren't they lovely! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A New Name?

My blog started out as a way to chronicle my quilting (Patchwork), my camping adventures (Popup) and my relationship with Jesus (Prayer).    Now that we have bought a new camper, and have upgraded our RV status, I sort of feel the need to come up with a new name for my blog.     I will be working on that.   But let me share our new camper with you.    I only have pictures of the outside today, but I will take pics of the inside later and post them as well.

We took it on its maiden voyage to Manatee Springs State Park in Cheifland Florida.      It is a great park with lots of wildlife.   The deer are very friendly and come right up to your campsite.   They have been fed alot and have very little fear within the park.

 We walked out a long boardwalk along the beautiful spring fed river as it flows into the Suwannee River.    The head spring was clear and cold, and scuba divers, dive into the main cave.    The temperature of the water is the same year round and in the winter the Manatee swim up into the spring and the surrounding waters to keep warm during the cold winter months.

   We were able to see the Manatee, they were spotted out in the main river (Suwannee) off of the boat dock, and we were able to get a shot of their snouts as they came up to breathe.    There were about 6-8 in this herd, but you they didn't get close enough for us to really see them, but you could tell they were there.

 The boardwalk out to the main river is so nice and made for a nice walk from our campsite.    The views are gorgeous, and I never tire of looking at the water.
We saw a hawk sitting on a tree and he let me get fairly close, but my camera is not powerful enough to capture his majestic color and pose.   Right after this shot he decided we were too close and took off.  I couldn't catch him in flight.    We had a wonderful time and it was so relaxing.

This park is a taste of old Florida, the rivers, the cypress trees, and the wildlife.   It was a great place to spend a weekend.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flying Machines

The Planes are in the Air!!!
I finally finished the quilt for my Grandson David.   It should get there in time for his birthday, or the day after.   I am very please with the results.    It is also another official UFO Finish!!   Yeah!!   I love the individual embroideries and had fun designing this quilt.   
I think the "Sea Plane" is my favorite, with the helecopter coming i next.
I am now free to start my next project.    I am joining a Stitch A Long over at

It is a small Christmas wallhanging called Tis the Season.   I have gotten my fabrics picked out and now I can start stitching. It is very simple blocks, but should be fun and easy to complete by September and hopefully be quilted by Christmas to go on my wall.    No more UFO's.    

I will keep you posted on my progress.

I hope you have a quilty weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Friends Are Priceless!

Good Quality Quilting Fabric - $10.00

Good Quilty Friends - Priceless!
One of my truly favorite things is the time that I spend with my sit n stitch buddies.   They have become an extension of my family and I love them.     Where else would you find someone who understands your addiction and doesn't even suggest a 12 step program.   They rejoice with me when I rejoice and cry with me when I cry and get mad for me when someone treats me badly.    They ooh and ahh at all of my quilting efforts even the bad ones, and they are always ready to lend a rotary cutter, or a ruler when my crazy life makes me dash madly around trying to get out of the house after working all day, so I can get my weekly fix of quilty talk and destressing.

Thanks guys for being there for me!

You are one of my favorite things!

If you want to join in the fund and share your favorite things, hop on over to Shay's Place - Quilting in my Pajama's and add your own link.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I Am Thankful For

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.
Chronicles 16:8

I read a blog this morning that got me really thinking.  E over at   wrote a post listing all of the things she is thankful for.    It made me realize that I don't stop and thank God enough for the wonderful things in my life, so I decided to make a list.
  • For my wonderful Godly husband, who has put up with me for 32+ years.   He makes me smile every day.   He is full of wisdom, compassion and understanding.    He lives out the gospel he professes every day.    He is an example to our sons of how a father should be. He doesn't mind the quilting stuff all over the house, and he even stops at quilt shops when we travel.   He does dishes and makes a scrumptious pound cake, and is still in love with me after all of the years.   Yes I am truly blessed and very thankful that God put us together at the beginning of my life.
  • For my 3 boys and all the love that they have brought to my life.   They each have their own talents and abilities and I thank God for each one of them.
  • For the 10 grandchildren that God has given me.   Each one brings a special joy to my life, and I can never get enough of the very special love that grandchildren bring to your life.
  • For my sisters who know me and love me anyway.   Who help me to continue the strong sense of family that my mother instilled in us.   I am grateful for their love and that they are close enough for me to see them often.
  • For my church family, my pastor, my worship leader and all of the other brothers and sisters in Christ in my local church body, that mean I am never alone, and never without a shoulder to cry on, or someone to lift me up with a word of encouragement, or someone to cover me in prayer during times of trial and godly wisdom when I need it and a kick in the pants when I need to be reminded of who my Father is.
  • I am thankful for my job, as part of God's provision for my family.  
  • For my boss, who acknowledges my ablities and gives me room to do my job
  • For my health, and the renewed desire to take better care of my body.
  • For my special friends who understand fabric addiction, and the need to create something with my hands.
  • For a warm/cool house, a safe place with so many comforts.   I am truly blessed.
  • For the beauty that is all around me.   The bible says that creation testifies of God.  
  • For more than enough to eat, for so much abundance that I have to diet.
  • For a sound mind, the ability to read and think and use my brain.
  • I am thankful to live in a country where people can speak their mind, even if no one else agrees with them.  One of my favorite sayings is "I will defend to the death your right to be wrong."   Sometimes I hate what people use freedom to say and do,  but I am grateful that we have that freedom.
There are so many things that I am thankful for that I can't even list them all here.    In the day we live in, when so much seems to be wrong or hard or evil, I needed to stop and think of all the good things in my life.  Thanks E!  for making me think.    

Oh one more thing to be thankful for:    With gas prices getting ready to hit $4.00 a  gallon, we can be thankful that they have not yet hit $5.00 a gallon????

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.   Somethings are more important than whatever I have on my design wall, and I am learning that I need to take time for those things also.