Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Death By Chocolate

Went to an amazing Pampered Chef Party last night. The food was wonderful and the hostess is the one with the mostest. It was a Death By Chocolate night and I am sure my stomach was protesting as I hadnt had sugar or chocolate in several weeks, but it was wonderful.

I was in awe of the table, but I shouldn't have been as my hostess, is the one with the mostest( is that a word, I think not) but I digress. She always has everything all together and her home and table settings are always beautiful. I envy her, but then I remember that I hate to cook, and table setting and cooking go together. So I will go to her wonderful parties and post pictures of her wonderful table settings and spend my husbands hard earned money on gadgets I never use. ( Sorry honey! He reads this blog you know) But I totally enjoy her company and I gave her a very short lesson on the uses of an iPad last night and that makes my day dont you know. I love it when I can be the techy friend.

And did I mention that I love chocolate and peanut butter, together was even better. Thank you Pamper Chef for this sinfully rich recipe. Now it is back on the no sugar band wagon. At least for now.



Monday, July 9, 2012


I love grandbabies.   I love the way they smell and wiggle and I don't even mind the crying.     There was a birthday celebration for my youngest, Wyatt this weekend.  

  He is crawling and pulling up on everything.   Soon he will be walking, and after that first step comes along, that is the beginning of the end of the "baby" phase, but good thing I have another one (grandbaby) on the way.  

That makes number 13!   I love being a grandma!

Friday, July 6, 2012

God Bless the USA!

One of the really great things about living in a small town are the traditional celebrations.    This one was really special this year, following the heels of the recent flooding.  Our 4th of July celebration always starts out with the parade down main street in Sopchoppy.

There are always lots of politicians and this being an election year, there were more than normal.

Lots of candy throwing and hand shaking, beads and the coveted fans, with elect "Joe Smith for Dog Catcher" printed on them, but in July in Florida, you don't care what they say you just want one.

And then there are the mounted posses,

and the tractors,

and the Shriners with their mini cars, and their tasseled hats,

the old cars,

and the tractors,

the fire engines,

and the monster trucks,

and the local beauty queens,

and the future beauty queens,
My granddaughter Havah, who had a great time waving at all the drivers and float riders, to see if she could get them to throw more candy,

and did I happen to mention the tractors?

A great time was had by all and

only in Sopchoppy does the parade stop and wait for old friends, who haven't seen each other in months to hug.   It is like a family reunion and every body belongs.

After the parade everyone gears up for the evening celebration.

You get the lawn chairs, the blankets, the towels and the coolers and set out for your favorite resting spot.   We always have the celebration at our church.    We set up water slides and play patriotic music, and the grown ups sit around and talk to old and new friends and the kids run and play and jump and slide.

Easton & Kyla

Dalten having a blast.

We always make our favorite desserts to share and I made what we call at my house, "Kyle's Pie"  with a little bit of a patriotic twist this time.

This is Kyle -

After dark they shoot off fireworks, and while most are looking upward, it is almost as much fun to watch the faces of the little ones.  

My favorite picture of the day is the one of my two year old granddaughter Kayden, waving the American flag with all her might, everytime one of the rockets goes off.

God Bless the USA!