Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Such a Sweet Baby!

This weekend I got to meet and hold such a sweet baby boy. 

His name is David Jordan and he is the grandson of my good friend, Cynthia Jordan.    Friend seems like such an inadequate word for what Cynthia is to me and my family.    She is family.    For as long as I can remember Cynthia has been at every Peacock family gathering and always has a smile and a hug for all.  

This weekend I spent the night at Cynthia's house in Jacksonville, and got to love on this wonderful little baby.    He was also the reason behind my next finish for 2011.    A sweet little baby quilt.     I love the colors and the simple modern feel of this one.    It didn't take long to put together, but I like it.  Hopefully I will get to see him wrapped up in it at Thanksgiving.   

 And of course we cannot forget the wonderful meal that we had at "The Cheesecake Factory".   I wasn't always crazy about Jacksonville, but it is growing on me.

Thanks for your hospitality Cynthia!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unplugging Daily

One would have to say that I am definitely a plugged in kind of gal.     I love my iMac, my Macbook, my desktop pc, my dvr, my vcr, my digital camera, and most of all my favorite gadget right now is my iphone.

I have chargers and earphones, cables to link up, sd cards, flash drives and I never leave home without my usb cords.  Need a spare card for your camera?    Need extra batteries?   I probably have them in my techy zippered pouch.   I carry it with me where ever I go.   I love being able to communicate with my friends and family and my fellow bloggers and quilters on the other side of the world.

I facebook, skype, tweet and pin (you do this on   I can spend so much time online that I forget to talk to the people around me.   While having dinner last night with my cousin, who I haven't seen in almost a year, it struck me that we reconnected on facebook, we sent texts about the place and time we were going to meet for dinner.  I phoned him on my iPhone when I arrived at his hotel to pick him up, but none of those things could give me the pure enjoyment of seeing his smiling face and joining in the laughter we shared as we talked about our lives and our families.  

Last night was a good night, connecting with family is so important.   Don't forget to unplug sometimes and spend time with the ones that you love.   Give them your full attention without all the gadgets and wireless devices interrupting.  Pure sweet fellowship, there is nothing like it.

Thanks David!         

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Mullet Were Jumping!

I am sure you all get tired of seeing my camping by the water pictures, but I never get tired of camping by the water, and Florida has so much water.   This weekend we went camping with our really good friends.   They are the ones that told us about St. Andrews State Park in Panama City FL.  

This park is at the eastern tip of the beach peninsula.    It is right off of Thomas Drive, near the condos and beach resorts ( on the calm end of the strip), and the famous "Alvin's Island" beach shop is almost right outside the park entrance gates, but except for the occasional siren, you would never know it.

We had to make a quick trip to get James a new swim suit, his last one bit the dust.   He never buys clothes for himself, but he did manage to get a baby blue plaid suit that matches his eyes.  No pictures of him in it this time, but as it will be his only suit for the next 20 years I am sure you will get to see him in it one of these days.

 We stayed in Site #86 and had a wonderful level site with partial shade and a beautiful view of the bay.   We had a rock wall that we could fish from, but did most of the fishing at the pier and at our friends campsite about six sites down.  

We spent lots of time with our friends and their two adorable children.   We made banana boats, for desert one evening.    If you have never had one you can get the recipe here.   

 One afternoon was spent at the part of the park called "The Jetty"   It is a beach area perfect for swimming with families.    The water was crystal clear and cool.   So refreshing with that little bit of breeze.   Not too hot!   Perfect weather for enjoying the water.

 We saw a huge jelly fish on the beach, but there didn't seem to be many in the water, as we did not hear about anyone getting stung that day.
 It was great soaking up the sun, while watching the little ones build a sand castle.  

 It was so relaxing at the end of a day in the sun,  to go back to this view.   All in all it was a great weekend trip, just a few hours from home.    We will definitely go back to this wonderful spot again.
Thanks for bearing with me while I once again go on about my wonderful relaxing visits to the water.   Don't be too jealous.   As we in Florida have been known to say "Come on down, the water's fine"


Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!

Every year Quilter's Unlimited of Tallahassee ( My local quilt guild) in partnership with the Museum of Florida History, puts on an exhibit that normally lasts at least a month and depending on the muesum's exhibit schedule, can be on display longer.    This year is the 30th Anniversary of the quilt show and the partnership between the museum and the guild.   In celebration of 30 years, we named the exhibit "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend."

The many members of the guild volunteer several hours during the show to man an information table to greet visitors, give information about quilting, the local guild, and the various categories of quilts entered in the show.   Any guild member can enter a quilt, and the show is not juried, but you can request that your quilt be judged and we have knowledgeable judges who will critique your quilt and give you written suggestions to make your quilt prize worthy.

A group of friends did this group project by creating their own self portrait following the basic instructions found in "Quilter's Yearbook" by Amy Bradley.   Those of us that know this group could pick out the members quickly.   Most of them nailed it.

I love this monkey quilt that one of our members made for their grandchild.   It is so cute and I love the fabric.

The colorful blocks and the machine blanket stitch just caught my eye and grabbed my attention.   Love this quilt.

This looks like me during one of my mad quilting sessions.  Playing with my fabric is the best therapy.

It is a joy to walk through the exhibit and see someone's first quilt hanging beside a masterpiece done by a master quilter.   Each quilt has special meaning to the quilter, the blessed recipient and the viewer.  They are all special.   The quilts shown are just a sample of a few of my favorites.  If you get to North Florida, stop by the Museum of Florida History and see this wonderful show.  It will be hanging until November 6th, 2011.   Hopefully in 20 years we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this great show.

The 30th Annual Capital City Quilt Show  -- "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" -- held at the Museum of Florida History runs from August 18th,  2011 through November 6th, 2011.

The Museum is part of the State Archives building.
Street Address: 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Florida
Phone: 850-245-6400
Museum Hours: Monday through Friday 9am - 4:30pm
Saturdays 10am - 4:30pm
Sundays Noon - 4:30pm