Friday, February 24, 2012

It Has Been A Long Time!

I have had so many things happen in the last few months.     The holidays were a blur.    So many good times with family and friends.   So much food, so many things to buy & do.    I was not up to blogging and getting all of the other things done.   

I barely took any photos of the happy occasions.  

In Loving Memory

 My son and a friend of his made this fabulous wood mural for my birthday.     The photo does not do it justice and it makes me smile everytime I walk into my living room.    My maiden name is Peacock and it say "In Loving Memory of Art & Jenny"  (My mom and dad) both of whom have passed away. 

Getting this was just one of the highlights of my holidays.   

Just when I thought life was settling down, I had some health problems come up, and some family issues come to a head.     I am still working through those, but know that I need to get back to putting my thoughts out there.    

Hopefully I will get back to some regular posting and picture taking.     I have missed it and all of my friends out in blog land.   

It feels good to be back.