Friday, May 11, 2012

There Is Nothing Like it!

I know everyone must be tired of my camping stories that begin with "Here is our new camper!". But seeing as we have traded up again, here it is. We were finding that our Surveyor was just a bit too small if we got stuck indoors due to the weather and we got a great deal on the new one. We took it out for the inaugural trip a couple of weeks ago. Where did we go? Can't you guess? North Ga! It is one of our favorite places. And if you ask the locals everyone there is from Florida. I just wanted to share a few pictures and write a few words about the wonderful time we had.

A Wonderful Friend!

I have a couple of wonderful friends. I know some of you are saying "She has a friend?". Yes more than one in fact. But recently. I received this wonderful gift. The hand quilting hoop and stand. Thank you, Wade and Margaret for thinking about me. Wade found this at a garage sale and brought it to me. As you can see I am back at it.

I won't even try apologize for my long absence, but just sum it up in one word, LIFE.