Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven!

Those who don't understand small town life, tend to call it boring.     I call it peaceful.    Last Sunday we had nothing better to do than take a drive down the coast.    Hwy 98 runs down the gulf coast and gives you a wonderful view of Apalachee Bay.    We spent a great sun filled afternoon sitting on a dock and then we drove a little further to the quaint town of Carrabelle, known for its marina and fishing tournaments.

Friends of ours have opened a small Bar & Grille that is right on the water and you can sit and watch the boats on the Carrabelle River.   The food was great and the view "priceless".

One of my favorite things is sitting on the water on a lazy sunny Florida afternoon.

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Seams Inspired said...

The views are absolutely lovely! I love my small-town life. I could never be a city girl. :o)

Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

P. said...

It looks like a little piece of heaven! I'm definitely into the small town peacefulness. This may be a dumb question, but what's a "raw bar?"

Janice said...

A Raw Bar is where they serve raw oysters among other wonderful fresh seafood.

Shay said...

Gorgeous views.I could stare at them all day.

I live in the city now but my heart is in the country. I lived in the country for a while and loved the sense of community. While life is slower it's not dull!

Great to see you dropping in to FTF Janice. Great post- I just want to drive somewhere peaceful and serene now!

Elizabeth said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. You live in a beautiful, peaceful place. Thanks for sharing a bit of it. Great FTF!

xo -E

Marg said...

I love small town life too. Once upon a time I was a city girl and hated the thought of living anywhere else. I couldn't move back to the city now, ever!
Love the pics, beautiful views, what a lovely way to while away a Sunday.

thea said...

Some day I'll live in a small town .. if I get my way that is!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

We live in a small town high in the hills and we love the quiet life as well. We drive home down a dirt road and can sit on the bench on our lawn surrounded by hills and watch all the wallabies having their late afternoon snack of grass amongst all the horses. Pure Bliss....wouldn't go back to the city for the world :-)