Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations Erica!

I come from a very close knit family.     We love to get together and celebrate each other.   This weekend we got to have a very special celebration for my niece Erica.     Erica graduate from Florida State University with her MBA.  

Erica on her big day.

My sister Judy & Erica

   She is very bright and goal oriented.    She makes up her mind what she is going to accomplish and goes after it.
Erica with her favorite aunt. (me)
It was great to get together with the family and give her the kudos that are her due.

Congratulation, Erica!   You deserve all the awesome things that are in store for you.

You are fabulous!

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Shay said...

Way to go Erica.

What an exciting time. College done , an MBA under her belt and the world full of possibilities at her feet!

You must all be justifiably proud.