Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Treasure Found.

 I have spent the last 10 days sitting beside this.

I am back in the real world now, but had the most relaxing vacation I have had in years.   Even the screw-ups at work while I was gone have not taken the zen out of my mood.  Our campsite had the most spectacular view.

We sat by the fire and made smores.  We went to Fall Festivals and pumpkin patches, and learned how sorgham syrup and stone ground grits were made. 


 We listened to bluegrass guitars, banjos, dubros and fiddles.

We ate lots of fair food and the hugest T-bone I have ever had.

 The leaves were beautiful and the weather great.

 I lucked upon a local annual quilt show with some beautiful quilts.

I also found this little treasure.   I got it for a what I think is a very good price.    I can't wait to fill it and sit it beside my favorite chair.

 And of course as steady as ever, my serenading country boy.  What more could a girl ask for?

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Barb said...

Life just doesn't get much better! Your pictures are just amazing....enjoyed your post!