Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Death By Chocolate

Went to an amazing Pampered Chef Party last night. The food was wonderful and the hostess is the one with the mostest. It was a Death By Chocolate night and I am sure my stomach was protesting as I hadnt had sugar or chocolate in several weeks, but it was wonderful.

I was in awe of the table, but I shouldn't have been as my hostess, is the one with the mostest( is that a word, I think not) but I digress. She always has everything all together and her home and table settings are always beautiful. I envy her, but then I remember that I hate to cook, and table setting and cooking go together. So I will go to her wonderful parties and post pictures of her wonderful table settings and spend my husbands hard earned money on gadgets I never use. ( Sorry honey! He reads this blog you know) But I totally enjoy her company and I gave her a very short lesson on the uses of an iPad last night and that makes my day dont you know. I love it when I can be the techy friend.

And did I mention that I love chocolate and peanut butter, together was even better. Thank you Pamper Chef for this sinfully rich recipe. Now it is back on the no sugar band wagon. At least for now.




Barb said...

OH my goodness, I wanted to jump through the computer screen...

Calico Cali Designs said...

OMG...that cake looks AMAZING.
-Kat :)