Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Those Who Serve

This post would be more aptly posted in July when we are celebrating our independence and everyone is sporting red, white & blue, but I think that in light of the recent tragedy that took the lives of the brave men who finally got Osama Bin Ladin, it is very appropriate for this month.  

Our Sit N Stitch group, called "Patchwork & Prayer", recently decided to make a "Quilt of Valor".   You can learn about the Quilt of Valor project at http://www.qovf.org/.     But basically it is quilters donating their time and talents to cover a wounded war veteran with a homemade quilt and a reminder that there are people out here that are grateful for their service to their country.

Our group recently made this beautiful red, white and blue star quilt to donate to this worthy cause, and we say "Thank You!" to the men and women who serve.


Barb said...

love your quilt of valor!!

Shay said...

That's a beautiful quilt Janice and a lovely way to honour those who serve.