Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fruit Basket Turnover!

That is what my mom used to say when she really liked something.    I think it describes last night's meeting of the Tallahassee Applique Society.

Last night I did a presentation on blogs, Google Reader and how the internet can enhance your enjoyment of quilting and applique in particular.

The ladies greeted my efforts with praise.    I shared several blogs that I just love that specialize in applique designs and offer free BOM patterns.

The first one and my personal favorite is One Piece At A Time.  Erin's Florabunda and My Tweets BOM's are so beautiful

They sort of take my breath away.

You should go and vote for Erin's design here

As a group, we are doing the Bunny Hill BOM - A Tisket A Tasket

I  am really behind on mine, but a few of the ladies showed off their blocks last night.

I really need to ditch this job, so I can spend all my time quilting.   Oh but then I would have to stop buying fabric and maybe stop eating.    Guess I have to put in a few more years.

The quilt that made me name this post "Fruit Basket Turnover"   was this one.

One of our members won this quilt from the National Applique Society.   Our names were entered in the drawing just for joining .   Needless to say she was thrilled and you would not believe the beautiful quilting and luscious fabrics that went into this quilt.

That is all for this post.    But I just had to share the wonderful applique that our group is doing. 


Shay said...

Amazing applique! I think I'm doing well if I can anchor down a single piece and then handstitch (or more likely machine stitch ) around it successfully.

And go you- for doing a talk about quilt blogging. You're famous!

Ruth said...

Hi Janice, thank you for stopping by earlier and leaving me notes of encouragement and love... How wonderful to know there's one more sister praying!

I so love this quilt designs.

Have a beautiful week!!

fialka012 said...


Barb said...

I love love love that BOM, even thinking of doing it....

Thanks for showing all the blocks and that lovely quilt, what would it be like to win something like that....I think I would pass right out.