Monday, January 17, 2011

UFOs, WIP or PhD's -

UFO's - Unfinished Objects
WIP's - Works in Progress
PhD's - Projects Half Done

What ever you call them, almost every quilter has them.     They are created slowly and surely.   How are they made you ask?   

* Those classes you took where you only made one or two blocks.

* The half finished jacket that didn't get done before cold weather was gone.   "'ll finish it before next fall." you say.   3 years later, it is still in its plastic bin.

*  The internet round robin where someone put something in you didn't like.

* The Christmas gift list that was too ambitious for the time and energy you had left before the big day.

It seems as if almost every blog I read these days is talking about getting UFOs completed.   There are lists, and links and challenges and prizes, trying to help us get motivated to finish something.    Well this blog is not any different.   I am listing my UFO's, WIP and PhD's for all the world to see.    I already have an extensive list with about 25 things on it, and that is probably not all.  Gotta go through those bins in the closet.  I started
my list in January ( of course) about 5 or 6 years ago, and since then I have crossed off 6 items and added 5.   I have also completed a few baby quilts, and other things that never sat idle, long enough to make the list.  My theory is that it has to remain idle for at least a year to qualify for this list.   Otherwise it is not a UFO, it is just a WIP.    This year I am going to try to cross off 10 UFO's  from my list.   I know that is an ambitious goal, but I am feeling motivated and bold.    Let's see how I do.    Do you dare put your list (I know you have one), to paper and share it with the world?   I dare you!

  1. Just Beachy   -  Machine Applique - based on a class pattern by Karen Stone - 2003
  2. Paper Pieced Trucks - 2004
  3. Autumn Jacket - 2006
  4. Blue Square in a Square - Full Size - 2004
  5. Spring Time Table Runner - 2009
  6. Yellow Brick Road - 2006  Completed
  7. Stack N' Whack - 2003
  8. Blue Paisley Bible Block Quilt - 2008
  9. Yellow and Blue Round Robin - 1999
  10.  Blue Airplane Quilt for David - 2006 - Completed March 2011
  11. Salsa Nights BOM for Dalten
  12. Nine Patch Scrappy Quilt - 2003
  13. Cups and Saucers - Paper Piecing - 2006
  14. Christmas Table Runner - 2007
  15. Snowball Quilt - 2006
  16. Flying Geese Quilt - 2005
  17. Love is a Work of Heart - Hand Applique - 2000
  18. Lori's Jumper - 2007
  19. Berries and Vines - Hand Applique - 2006
  20. A Girl Can Get Tired of Diamonds - Ready to go to longarm - Need money - King Size - 1999
  21. Southern Belle Quilt - Family Heirloom, 3 generations of quilters have worked on this.  Hand Quilting
  22. Friendship Squares - Internet Swap - 2000
  23. New York Beauty Blocks
  24. Vintage Sunburst Star Blocks - Left to me by my mother when she passed 14 years ago.
  25. Umbrella Ladies - Blanket Stitch Applique - 2004
  26. Birdie Stitches - January 2011
  27. Tis the Season - Stitch Along - March 2011
*  There are a few more.  I will add them later.

Try it for yourself.   Listing them is actually kind of freeing.    One blog said it was even okay to give them away or throw them away.   I won't go that far!  But listing them was not so bad.


Barb said...

I loved hearing about and seeing your UFO's...

Shay said...

You have some lovely almost finished things there .

I'm doing Myra's PhD challenge. It's not so bad because I only had 4 in total. Which reminds me I need to get cracking on finishing Number 2 of those 4.

Good luck with making progress with yours.

Anonymous said...

WEll, I have three finished tops...I just finished one today. I need to make a backing and try to quilt it. This is the worst part for me.

I don't have a huge list in the quilting arena, because I just switched from sewing handbags to quilting. I'm really doing it for pleasure...I will make every attempt to keep up with what I'm doing.

I did take on three other things -
1. A Charity Quilt for Children
2. A Mug Rug Swap Online
3. Sewing a Block for Charity

Those are things I do need to get done. =)

quiltingnana said...

you got me thinking ...will have to make a list

miss~nance said...

WOW thats some list.

I want to amek a dent in mine this year and I might take pics later today and put up a post too.

TY for visiting my blog



Rabid Quilter said...

You're funny! Enjoyed your post and can certainly identify.