Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!

I put flowers on my blog background in the middle of winter.   Mainly because I was tired of it being plain, but partially because I was tired of winter.    As a southern girl from N Florida, many of you northerners, (read Yankees, just kidding), will not sympathize with my lack of forbearance with temperatures below 40 degrees.    It has been an unusually cold winter here, and I was so ready for a change.

The new look is to go along with my new name, but I may change it again in a few weeks, or months, because I just don't like things to be the same all the time.  

In my last post you can see the wonderful weather that we had for my son's wedding and this week I share a few pictures of some of our grandchildren helping me plant flower seeds and gear up for my first serious attempt at a garden.
Kayden in Her Walker
 This is Kayden and she is a serious joy in my life.   She is always happy, unless you don't shovel the food in her mouth fast enough.  

Kyla & Easton helped me to plant Marigold, daisy, pumpkin & Four OClock seeds.   We are starting them in small paper cups and will then transplant them to flower beds.
Easton, Kyla & Me planting seeds
Kyla shoveling dirt

Kyla loved filling the cups with dirt.   Easton wanted to play  with his new disc shooter, until it was time to put the seeds in.    It was a great morning and the sun was shining and to see the wonder of growing things in the eyes of  my grandchildren was awesome.  

Granddaddy shared a popsicle with the little ones and you can see they loved it.   Raspberry I think.  
While Kayden made all kinds of faces, she kept begging for more.    Love that face!
My New Raised Bed

The seeds were all finally planted and watered.    The few little tomato and pepper plants, given to me by my friend Judy, were finally in the ground.     Check out my new raised bed, put together by my Uncle Paul & my husband, James.     I was very excited when Paul,  told me he wanted to make me one for Christmas.  I am a little late getting started with my garden, but it will still grow.    I am investigating deer repellant, as we have deer in abundance in our yard and the woods surrounding it.

He framed it out and then transported it to my house.   He and James installed it, and put in the automatic sprinkler system.    It turns itself on for 15 minutes every morning at 6:00am.    Now if I could find an automatic weeder?
(Here is the picture with everything planted)

Wish me luck, say a prayer, I have been known to have a black thumb, but they say having a garden is a scientific process, anyone can learn to do it.   I am a smart woman, who can follow directions.  I can do this!

I will keep you posted on my progress.


affectioknit said...

Ahhh Spring! your raised bed looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!!! I am known for my black thumb too - until this year! Your box is fantastic.

Hugs, Cindy R.