Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Finally Found It!

My husband and I love to look at old stuff.   We love old stuff and most of our furnishings are vintage or antique.   It doesn't necessarily have to be that old, just something we like.   We go to yard sales, junk shops, consignment stores, antique and vintage shops.   We look for just that thing we would like to buy.    We have gotten much more interested in replacing that dead microwave with one from the flea market that was $10.  Or cooking in that cast iron skillet that we found in the flea market in GA, than buying a new set of Emeril or Rachel Ray cookware.    I guess it is a sign we are getting older, that older things have more meaning to us.     We have been searching for a cabinet to go in our dining room to put linens, my mom's china and some other things in.    Today at an estate sale, we found it.   

I think it is maple.   The drawers have tongue and groove construction and it is a good solid piece.    I can't wait to load it up.    The great thing is that it only cost us $100.00 dollars.      We have been looking at pieces and were sure we were going to have to spend between $200.00 & $300.00 on something nice, but we waited and found a great piece for a great price.   

I love it when that happens.   Isn't it lovely.



Anonymous said...

How fun! I love when I find just what I'm looking for. What an amazing price too!

Shay said...

It IS lovely Janice. And such a bargain!

I also haunt ebay , flea markets and garage sales for old furniture and then strip it, paint it and and use it. Aside from the fact it's cheaper there is something infinitely satisyfing about giving something a second (or third) life.

Enjoy your gorgeous dresser!

affectioknit said...

It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful & gorgeous fine this was! I had to post it on face book. I love this, just think you could put alot of fabric in this! lol I would have have a Big house first. I so happy that you found what you've been looking for! Enjoy! :)