Monday, September 12, 2011

The Mullet Were Jumping!

I am sure you all get tired of seeing my camping by the water pictures, but I never get tired of camping by the water, and Florida has so much water.   This weekend we went camping with our really good friends.   They are the ones that told us about St. Andrews State Park in Panama City FL.  

This park is at the eastern tip of the beach peninsula.    It is right off of Thomas Drive, near the condos and beach resorts ( on the calm end of the strip), and the famous "Alvin's Island" beach shop is almost right outside the park entrance gates, but except for the occasional siren, you would never know it.

We had to make a quick trip to get James a new swim suit, his last one bit the dust.   He never buys clothes for himself, but he did manage to get a baby blue plaid suit that matches his eyes.  No pictures of him in it this time, but as it will be his only suit for the next 20 years I am sure you will get to see him in it one of these days.

 We stayed in Site #86 and had a wonderful level site with partial shade and a beautiful view of the bay.   We had a rock wall that we could fish from, but did most of the fishing at the pier and at our friends campsite about six sites down.  

We spent lots of time with our friends and their two adorable children.   We made banana boats, for desert one evening.    If you have never had one you can get the recipe here.   

 One afternoon was spent at the part of the park called "The Jetty"   It is a beach area perfect for swimming with families.    The water was crystal clear and cool.   So refreshing with that little bit of breeze.   Not too hot!   Perfect weather for enjoying the water.

 We saw a huge jelly fish on the beach, but there didn't seem to be many in the water, as we did not hear about anyone getting stung that day.
 It was great soaking up the sun, while watching the little ones build a sand castle.  

 It was so relaxing at the end of a day in the sun,  to go back to this view.   All in all it was a great weekend trip, just a few hours from home.    We will definitely go back to this wonderful spot again.
Thanks for bearing with me while I once again go on about my wonderful relaxing visits to the water.   Don't be too jealous.   As we in Florida have been known to say "Come on down, the water's fine"


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Shay said...

Looking at your pictures and hearing about your adventures was almost like me taking a mini holiday. Thanks for sharing them!.

The water looks wonderful!