Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 Things About Me

Sue over at Bits & Pieces, This & That:

Challenged us to answer these questions and I thought I would share a little bit about myself, as I haven't done any sewing in the last week and had nothing significant to share today. 

1.Sweet or Savoury?  I have a definite sweet tooth, that I am trying to cure.

2.Dresses or Jeans? I am all about comfort.

3.House or Apartment? I love living in the country in an old house.

4.Shop Online or Offline? I hate malls and everytime I go to one, it reinforces that feeling.

5.DVDs or Downloads? I love my gadgets.

6.Cocktails or Juice?  I don't drink.   Not much juice either, but definitely not cocktails.

7.Chocolate or Strawberry?  Is there anything but chocolate?

8.Laptop or PC?  I love my laptop.   I really want a Macbook Pro, but not yet.

9.Magazines or Newspapers?  I have piles of magazines.   I need to get rid of some.

10.Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook.    I don't get the whole twitter thing.

11.CDs or MP3s? I love my gadgets
12.Kids or Pets?  Grandkids to be correct.   I love my babies.

13.Cookies or Cupcakes?  Oatmeal raisin

14.Walk or Run?  I love to walk in the woods, but get on the treadmill most days for exercise.

15.Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?  I love a good omelet, made by someone else.

16.Market or Supermarket?  We don't have many small markets where I live.

17.Sourdough or Grainy?   I stick with whole wheat.

18.Heels or Flats?  I told myself when I turned 40, no more shoes that hurt my feet.

19.Late nights or Not?  I love the late nights, but have learned I am healthier and happier if I get enough sleep.

20.  Coffee or Tea?  See my previous post.    Coffee, Latte, Cafe', whatever you call it.   It is one of the good things about life.

I put Sue's challenge out there to you as well.   Put the answer to these questions on your blog today.    Tell us a little bit about yourself.



Deanna said...

Nice to know you better, Janice. I am visiting from WWI today to tell you congratulations! Good job on the weight loss. Yay you!

Stray Stitches said...

Great post. Now we all know just a little more about you :)