Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Great Saturday!

Saturdays are always a good break from work, but some are better than others.    Yesterday ones one of those better days.  Several friends came over for a morning of sewing and laughter.   My friend Louise came over to quilt her 1st quilt, on the domestic quilting frame I have set up in my living room.

It is a beautiful quilt and she did a wonderful job.   

My Thursday night quilting group is working on a group donation quilt.    We are making a Quilt of Valor.    If you have never heard of this group it is a group that provides quilts to injured US service men & women.    You can read all about it here.   We decided on a pattern and then each of us brought fabrics from our stash.    The results turned out great.   Now to get it on the frame and get it quilted.  This is a terrible picture, but I didnt have anyone to hold it up outside.   I will try to post a better one later.

Several quilters in my guild will make and donate quilts to this worthy cause.     The big reveal will be this coming Thursday night.      I will try to take some pictures to post and share.

All in all it was a great Saturday morning.

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Barb said...

Both quilts are amazing.