Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh The Applique!

I was in Missouri last week taking care of my 6 (yes I said "six") grandchildren.  ( and that is only half of them).    I had the opportunity to take a few hours respite.   I drove to Eudora, KS to check out the LQS there called Quilting Bits and Pieces.     It was a lovely shop, and oh the applique.    They specialize in embroidery and applique.    The owners have written several books and the quilts on displays were so fabulous.   They have a great fabric collection, and lots of never seen before (by me that is) notions.   I had a great time.

I bought the book that has the patterns for these Christmas quilts.  Just gorgeous!

I will definitely visit this adorable shop again.


Shay said...

Applique is not one of my talents although I love seeing other people's work. Your photos look wonderful. I would heave stayed in that shop for hours. (You're brave looking after that many kids at once!)

Allyson said...

Hi! I am looking for the pattern for the Christmas Tree quilt you have pictured from the quilt shop in MO. By chance was it one of the ones you bought and can you tell me the name of it so I may find it? I've looked everywhere, and even thought it might be a pattern featured in a quilt magazine instead of a book. Any direction would be helpful. Thanks!