Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun in Tornado Alley

Last week I was in Kansas City, MO, helping out my son & DIL.  Stephanie had gallbladder surgery and I was able to fly out to help.   My visit consisted of a lot of cooking, cleaning, naptime, meal times, baths, and other wonderfully energy consuming activities with my grandchildren.   It was a lot of work while surrounded by so much love, my heart was bursting.  My newest grandchild is the lovely Eliyah, who I think I will call "Ellie".    She loves her momma the best, ( must have something to do with the breast milk) and vocalizes her preference loudly.   But here is a quiet moment with her daddy.

I was able to take the children on several outings while we were there.    I am posting a few of the pictures. For several of the kids, we still cannot post face shots to the web, as the adoption is not final, but I will add them in later.

I was also able to take several of the children to the interactive science museum.   They had a great time and it was an enjoyable trip with D, M, & N.   Science City is located with the famous (infamous) Union Station.   It was a great time and we spent several hours going through all of the exhibits.

I had a marvelous time and now need a vacation to recover from my visit.


Barb said...

Oh my goodness...I a so jealous I could die...what a fun time with grandkids and that little one sooo precious.

squawmama said...

Nothing better then spending time with the grandkids... Thanks for coming by to visit my blog. I love meeting new people and reading their adventures. We'll be heading too St. George Islland on the panhandle after here.
Have fun & enjoy life