Monday, August 8, 2011

A Promise In The Sky!

Our church has a family life group called "The Master's Gardeners".  We get together twice a month and exchange plants, gardening tips and ideas, and share some food and fellowship with others who are interested in gardening.   

Yesterday evening we met at our worship pastor's new house to help him and his wife plant a herb garden and identify some of the trees and plants on their new property.  It was sprinkling slightly and threatening to rain, but the sky never fully opened up.

We spent a little while planting, rosemary, basil, thyme, mint, oregano and aloe, in some wonderful boxes that surround their pool deck.    It will be great for them to step outside their kitchen and pick fresh herbs.

After sharing a great pot luck meal we looked up into the sky and this beautiful double rainbow was in the sky.    It was so vivid and in the sky for so long.     You can barely see the double reflection in this photo, but it was beautiful and reminded us all, what a faithful God we serve.

Thank you God for your promises!

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petra said...

The Mater's Gardeners. What a neat idea! I have a few not-so-green-thumb gardening experiments growing in our back yard and could probably learn a lot from you and your group. :-)