Friday, August 12, 2011

Watermelon with Granddad!

Today is another Favorite Thing Friday and I have been kind of out the loop. But today I have a favorite thing to share and that is dinner at my house with my kids and grandkids.    Now I am not the best cook, and dinner normally consists of something I have let simmer in the crockpot all day.   Throw a salad together  and some frozen garlic bread and that is about it.     The food is not my favorite thing.   My favorite thing is sitting around the table afterward, enjoying the company of my children and grandchildren.

My granddaughter letting her granddad know how much she appreciates him sharing his watermelon.  

The kids are in the playroom, playing with whatever siblings or cousins are there for the day and the grownups are talking and laughing and sharing.    That is my favorite thing.    I always try to snap a few pictures at these dinners, which happen every couple of weeks.   I never know who will be there or what event we will celebrate, but they are one of my favorite things.

Thanks to Shay at "Quilting in My Pajamas" for this opportunity to link up.


Shay said...

I think any meal shared with those we love is a feast and I agree with you that it's about being together and not the food so much (and anyway crockpot food is awesome!)

Thanks for dropping in to FTF this week Janice. Lovely to see you!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely post and lovely photos. A family and friends meal is always wonderful. I am still finding bits of roast potatoes from our family dinner last night. LOL! I love slow cooked casseroles etc.

Helsie said...

Nothing beats family at the best and worst of times and gathering to share food is always fun.

Mistea said...

Families are fantastic for sharing good food and company.
Lovely favourite.